Hearing Care Tips: How to Survive in the Hubbub of Mumbai

Mumbai, the city of dreams and the home of Bollywood. Survive in Mumbai and you can make it anywhere in the world. That’s what they say. With a population of 21.5 MILLION PEOPLE in 2015 and a pace of life that makes most cities seem like peaceful utopias, living in Mumbai can be challenging to say the least. If you suffer from hearing impairment this problem gets considerably more complicated; the overcrowded and noisy metropolis can seem overwhelming.

Ease your mind about your hearing loss doubts. These few steps will ensure your hearing health does not suffer and stays good for a lifetime. We have tailored these tips to the city of Mumbai to give you the most relevant hearing care tips.

The Noise

Mumbai is a crowded city. The sheer number of people, cars and pace of life can overwhelm most people. This overpopulation is accompanied by noise levels that exceed healthy limits almost every single moment. A report in Live Mint on Feb 15, 2016 outlined research that pointed at Mumbai being the noisiest city in India (see Mumbai noisiest city in India, study finds).

With traffic, loudspeakers, people and the general pace of life in Mumbai, noise levels exceed 85 decibels in numerous parts of the city. Dangerous Decibels' noise exposure guidelines point out that exposure to noise beyond 85 decibels can significantly damage hearing (see Decibel Exposure Time Guidelines). As an pointer to understand decibel levels - normal conversations happen at 60 decibels while traffic noise at a busy signal is above 85 decibels.

Identify and avoid extended exposure to noisy situations. This could include rush hour traffic, concerts or other live events, train station noise and many more that you can identify in your daily routine.

Protecting your hearing aid during commutes

Travel and commuting can be quite strenuous in Mumbai, especially during rush hour, with crowds exceeding reasonable numbers, piling into cramped trains, buses and roads. Crowds jostle and move people in waves and there is a significant chance of losing a hearing aid in the entire melee. Wearing a body aid that has wires and clasps attaching it to your clothing can be a helpful option for a hearing aid device in a city like Mumbai.

Use a body aid that attaches comfortably to your body or clothing to prevent misplacing your hearing aid in the midst of jostling crowds.

Cleaning and care for your hearing aids

The constant pace of life in Mumbai creates large amounts of noise, smoke and other forms of pollution. Heat, dirt and moisture can all decrease the life of your hearing aid and affect its optimal performance. Keeping your hearing aid clean and free from dirt preserves its functionality for a long period. A simple pouch with brushes, cleaning fluid and a soft cloth that is always within reach to clean your hearing aid ensures that your hearing device works for long and with no problems. You can either purchase cleaning accessories separately or get them bundled with your hearing aid kit.

Carry a reliable cleaning kit that has all the essentials for keep your hearing aid clean as a whistle to give you crystal clear hearing all the time.

Clarity and audibility in different environments

The constant activity and pace of life in Mumbai can be be tiring and stressful. Having a hearing aid that cannot provide you quality hearing in all environments, regardless of the situation around you being loud or quiet, is futile. Your hearing aid must be able to handle the varied noise levels that often exceed 85 decibels in parts of the city, without falling short. Whether it’s hearing the local train announcements for the next stop or bargaining with a vegetable vendor, struggling to hear clearly with an improper hearing aid reduces your quality of life.

Choose a hearing aid that provides you a number of options for varied environments to obtain the maximum benefit from your hearing health management solution.

Keep these points in mind when you are in Mumbai. Enjoy the city of dreams in crystal clarity and high definition audibility.