Quadiometers are innovative, light and highly portable sophisticated audiometers for conducting audiology. They are compact, PC-based, Type II (diagnostic) audiometers that are calibrated as per ANSI/ASA S3.6-2010 specifications.

Light Sleek Portable
No External Power Supply
Local/Remote Audiometry
Powerful Audiometry Features
Integrated Sophisticated Software

Light, Sleek, Portable

Measuring 10.2 cm X 9.5 cm X 2 cm and weighing about 220 gm, Quadiometer Q2 is smaller and lighter than any notebook. This ultra-sleek design takes portability of diagnostic audiometry to a whole new level.

No External Power Supply

Quadiometer Q2 draws power via a microUSB connection to a PC or laptop and does not need any external power supply.

Local and Remote Audiometry

Regular audiometry tests can be performed with a full view of a patient’s responses during the test, irrespective of location.

With seamless communication between audiologists and patients through internet video conferencing protocols aided by Quadiometer, and Quadio's specialized audiometry software.

Complete Powerful Audiometry Features

Quadiometer is a complete PC-based audiometer providing the capability to perform audiometry seamlessly at both local and remote locations.

  • create and save patient information.
  • save and view patient case history and referrals.
  • conduct audiometry sessions.
  • print reports that contain the company logo, address, and a digital signature.
  • modify and customize reports for binaural or monaural audiograms.
  • secure patient database management system.

Integrated Software Support With Regular Upgrades

Quadiometer comes with Quadio Audiometry Software (QAS) or Net Audiometry Software (NAS) to bring about the full-range of audiometry features and support to convenience portable net audiometry (Net Dispensing). The software packages are regularly upgraded to provide you with the best and latest features as soon as these are available.