Bluetooth-enabled Solution: remotehear

Easy-to-carry digital lifestyle device with inbuilt bluetooth technology for enhancing hearing.

Ideal for a person with slight to mild hearing loss, remotehear is a lifestyle device with inbuilt bluetooth technology to enhance your hearing experience, helping you hear better when you watch TV, listen to music and make audio or video phone calls.

With bluetooth technology, the device provides the capability of making phone calls without reaching for your phone, even while watching TV. You can control your own TV volume, connect to your laptop wirelessly for making video calls, watch movies and listen to music with no trouble.


WATCH TV: Watch TV without disturbing anyone. The sound will only be heard by you.

RECEIVE CALLS: No need to reach for your phone for answering calls.

CONNECT WIRELESSLY: Connect to your laptop wirelessly with remotehear for making calls over the internet.

PORTABLILITY: remotehear's sleek and compact design makes it easy to carry around with you.

REMOTEHEAR APP: Personalize remotehear with the remotehear app to fine-tune the device to suit your requirements. The big visual interface of the app lets you check battery status, change volume, view all presets, select presets and manage bluetooth device pairing.