Q+ Mobile App Hearing Solution

Q+ is a mobile-based hearing solution that provides you with a customized hearing enhancement experience.

With inbuilt hearing tests, adaptive sound processing and controllable listening experiences, the advanced and futuristic Q+ app is a sophisticated and affordable next-generation hearing solution.

The app is intuitive, affordable, easily available on smartphones, and provides multiple listening settings for different sound environments (quiet and noisy).

Before using any hearing correction mechanism, you should have your ears and hearing health assessed by a medical professional. An evaluation will rule out any treatable or correctable causes of hearing loss, and identify rightly your requirement for a hearing correction mechanism. See the Q+ App Privacy Policy.


CURRENTLY CALIBRATED FOR: iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 6s plus.


CURRENTLY CALIBRATED FOR: LG Nexus 5X when using the stock headset.

AVAILABLE FOR: Android 5.0 and above.

Q+ is available for all smartphones operating on Android 5.0 and above. However, the app works most effectively with an Android operating system with a latency of less than 50 milliseconds (ms).

Latency is the short period of delay (usually measured in milliseconds) between when an audio signal enters and when it emerges from a system. For some phones, the delay can be much more than 50 ms, which may cause lip-sync issues and a feeling of slurring of speech for the user.

Android powers hundreds of models of phones, each with its own unique hardware.  The Q+ signal processing software runs on the phone's hardware and must be calibrated for each phone with its headset to ensure that the app output is optimal.

We will be announcing calibrated releases on our website, Twitter and Facebook pages. Please follow us via these pages for latest updates on new models added.

Q+ is a powerful hearing solution, designed to maximize your listening experience based either on the results of a simple interactive hearing test built into the app or from audiogram inputs.

With sophisticated technology inside, the Q+ app harnesses the processing power of your smartphone by giving you:

  • Inbuilt hearing tests calibrated for precision as per ANSI standards for accurate output.

  • Intelligently-adjusted sound as per hearing test results.

  • High-quality sound enhancement by using the same algorithms as hearing aids.

  • Wide bandwidth - up to 8000 Hz - by delivering higher bandwidth for improved comprehension and clarity of sound.

  • Automatic adjustment of amplification to reduce feedback (whistling sound) using proprietary cutting-edge adaptive feedback cancellation algorithms.

  • Versatile controls for customizing listening experiences.

  • Environmental noise reduction.

The app can be used with the phone's headset for improved speech comprehension and enhanced perception of environmental sounds.

Use the Q+ app to:

  • easily follow conversations (using earphones) in both quiet and noisy environments.

  • listen to sounds with enhanced clarity.

  • control the sound quality to customize it to your preference.

Inbuilt Hearing Test

Before the app can be used as a hearing solution, it needs to know your hearing loss levels (or thresholds).  This is done by using the inbuilt hearing test. Alternatively, if you already know your hearing loss level via an audiogram, you can enter the thresholds directly into Q+.


Tone levels and types are calibrated per ANSI standards for audiometry.

Test intelligently chooses tones (intensity/frequency) to be played per audiometry procedures.

Monitors ambient noise and alerts if the environment is too noisy to take a test.

The video below demonstrates the Q+ hearing test:

Once the hearing test is completed (or the thresholds have been entered as per your audiogram), the app is ready to use.

DISCLAIMER: Though the hearing test is designed to be accurate, results may vary based on the depth of insertion of ear buds and ear pods into your ears, as well as the level of environmental sounds. Quadio recommends taking the test in a very quiet room.

Test results should not be construed as an alternative or a substitute for an audiological evaluation performed by a trained audiologist.

Fine-tuning Your Hearing Solution

Q+ is designed to enable you to control your listening experience. You can choose from three baseline sound quality modes (bass/midrange/treble boost), switch noise reduction on and off, and fine-tune the sound type by controlling how different types of sounds are treated (soft sounds, loud sounds, speech and distant sounds).

  • SOUND FREQUENCIES WITH MORE BASS AND LESS TREBLE (HEAVY): Lower frequencies are enhanced more than higher frequencies. Masculine voices typically fall in this range. In music, drums are an example of sound that falls within this spectrum.

  • SOUND FREQUENCIES IN THE MIDRANGE SPECTRUM (FLAT): Consists of sounds with no boost. This mode provides a good balance between low and high frequencies.

  • SOUND FREQUENCIES WITH MORE TREBLE AND LESS BASS (SHARP): Higher frequencies are enhanced more than lower frequencies. Feminine and children's voices usually fall in this range. For example, you might use this mode if you're hearing male voices better but not female voices. Other examples are birds chirping and string instruments.

NOISE REDUCTION AND SPEECH ENHANCEMENT: Enable noise reduction and speech enhancement to hear better. These options work independent of each other and can be enabled or disabled depending on the clarity of sound that is suitable for you. You can also set the device volume to a level comfortable for you.

Further fine-tune the sound quality in advanced settings by tweaking for:

  • Sharpness of sound

  • Ability to hear distant sounds

  • Loud sounds

  • Your own voice

The app performs adaptive feedback cancellation to eliminate whistling or howling sounds which emanate because of the high amplification performed inside the app coupled with close proximity of the headset mic to the speakers. If needed, you can choose to use the phone mic instead of the one in the headset.


Currently, the Q+ app supports these earphones:

  • Apple EarPods and Apple EarBuds (for iPhones)

  • Nexus 5X stock headset (for LG Nexus 5x)

Customer Care

The Q+ technical team can be contacted for download and support information on this e-mail: app-support@quadio.in. You can also click below to send a query.

Alternatively, you can call us on our toll-free (within India) number at 1800-2333-999 (from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. IST).

The technical support team consists of a fully-certified audiologist who can help you with any queries related to hearing loss.