Online Hearing Aid Fitting And Adjustment

Hearing aids give an ideal performance when they are fitted well and adjusted correctly in the ear. Often, it takes multiple visits to an audiologist to get the fit comfortable and even then the hearing aid fit might not give optimum performance as it is fitted in a relatively quiet clinic setting rather than the real environment it's used in.

With Quadio's remote fitting facility, audiologists can fit and fine-tune a hearing aid on patients via a video-conference, without the requirement of them visiting a clinic. Audiologists can either conduct an entire audiometry evaluation with a Quadiometer to get a hearing test result or use a patient's existing hearing test.

For remote fitting, an audiologist:

  • communicates with patients via video-conference
  • measures if they are getting the correct level of amplification
  • asks questions about the comfort of hearing
  • checks overall loudness level
  • checks balance of low and high frequencies

This is done to ensure maximum comprehension with an aid. Lastly, the audiologist reviews care, cleaning and maintenance procedures for the ear and the hearing aid to ensure that the hearing device brings about optimal performance for a long time.