Mobile Clinics

Hearing Evaluation and Counselling Brought Right to You

Quadio is a socially-responsible company with a long-term objective of promoting and providing hearing health awareness. Our company's founder's own desire to live a life unencumbered by hearing loss is the driving force to develop high-quality low cost solutions.

India has a population of 1.2 billion and only 2000 qualified audiologists providing hearing health care. One of our objectives is promoting hearing health awareness and providing hearing health care anywhere and to everyone.

To meet this objective, we frequently organize free mobile clinics to go into areas with scarcity of hearing health services as well as areas with difficult access to medical services to provide free hearing testing and consultation using our low-cost portable net audiometry solution, Net Dispensing.

Our clinics are free and open to all. Patients can simply walk in and get free hearing evaluation and counselling from our team of audiologists. We also provide hearing aids of all leading brands at highly-discounted rates.

Visit us for a free hearing evaluation when we're in your city. Announcements about upcoming mobile clinics are made on our website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

See our field reports about mobile clinics in the Social Initiatives page.